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Get valuable tips on door locks and keys which are useful in various situations

  • What is a master key system?

    A master key system is the term used by locksmiths to allow for multiple levels of users. Some key holders have access to all locks but others have only limited access.

  • If you broke your key while it is inside the ignition call a locksmith

    In such a case, you can always call one of our specialists. Under any circumstances, do not try to remove the key yourself. Doing this can damage the ignition on your car. We can professionally extract the key for you, as we have the right tools and skills for this task.

  • Keyless Entries on Businesses

    Since lockout on businesses could affect the operation of the company, it may be a good choice to have a keyless entry, as this is not just convenient, but safer as you can be sure that only the right people have access to the premises. Keypads can be used in which a staff member would need to enter a code before being able to gain entry.

  • Do not use force when unlocking a door

    You need to insert the key gently and turn it slowly. You must not apply a great amount of pressure when turning the key. If you do, the key can get broken and remain inside. This will pose the need for a complex repair. In some cases, the problem can be resolved only with lock replacement.

  • Have locks installed on the ground-floor windows

    This is a simple yet highly effective security measure which many people miss to take. The professionals of our locksmith company in Addlestone share that often burglars choose to enter houses through the windows because they are less visible from the street and much easier to open compared to doors. The more advanced the window locks are the better.

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