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Lock Handling Mistakes to Avoid

05/06/2015 Back To Blog

Even children know how to lock and unlock doors. There is no need to follow any special rules or take certain precautions. This is a huge misconception. In many cases, damage to locking devices and keys occurs because of improper handling. Discover the most commonly made mistakes and get useful advice on how to avoid them and the resulting need for lock and key repair.Lock Handling Mistakes to Avoid

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One of the most commonly made mistakes is the exertion of pressure on the side of the key when it is being inserted into the door lock cylinder. This can lead to breakage of the key and to damage of the cylinder mechanism as well. During insertion, apply pressure in a forward direction. Of course, if you feel resistance from the inside of the locking mechanism, stop immediately and check what is wrong.

Another mistake involves avoiding turning the key while the blade is not fully inserted into the cylinder. It is fine to shake it a bit if the lock seems stuck, but this does not mean that you should turn it with a considerable amount of force. If too much force is applied, the risk of snapping is extremely high. If a piece of the item remains inside the cylinder, broken key extraction will be required. Needless to say, this is a complex and time-consuming job.

The use of the key as a door handle is something which many people do every day. This is a serious mistake which must be avoided at all cost. If the door is opened with this item while it is being inserted into the locking device, both of them can acquire damage. The types of key damage range from scratching and deformation to complete snapping. In addition to key replacement, lock fix may be required.

It may go without saying but other types of keys and tools must not be used for unlocking a door. This only causes damage to both the locking device and the tool. It is a mistake to think that one can quickly learn how to implement lock repairs from a video found online. Improper handling will most certainly make things worse. 

Now you know how to use locking devices properly. Insert the required key carefully and turn it gently into the desired direction without applying too much forward pressure. Press the handle for opening the door.

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