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Find useful answers to regularly asked questions on door locks and keys of various types

Grow by learning from other peoples’ experiences. Your problem may have already been solved, and you can learn about it more by visiting our comprehensive FAQ page. Each entry is based on previous experiences by clients whose problems were resolved by our expert locksmiths.

  • How often must I reinforce security?

    This is not fixed. It's basically best to prevent problems and reinforce security every time you feel an entry point could use an extra security system or when the front home door lock is old. Keep your mind open to innovations and install systems that will be useful.

  • Do I need a home safe?

    The safes designed for home use offer a good level of security. They provide effective protection from fire, water, and theft to documents, jewellery and other small valuables. Still, they are not as secure as safe deposit boxes in banks and similar institutions. Before making a decision, you have to consider the size of the investment and the installation options.

  • How much lubricant should be applied to locks?

    It is a good idea to pour or spray a generous amount. It will come out naturally and help for dust and dirt to be released. The professionals of our locksmith company in Addlestone explain that you have to wipe out the excess amount while leaving a thin layer of it on the face of the lock.

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