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Any person can encounter problems with door locks and keys, even though these devices are made to be strong and to work reliably. Sometimes these problems are ongoing, but most often they are sudden and unexpected. Learn more about the most effective solutions to different kinds of emergencies.

House Lockout

Unlocking the door comes first. With the use of a safe and dependable technique, the door and its lockset will remain completely unaffected. You will be able to get back inside in minutes and even seconds. The next step involves eliminating the underlying cause of the problem. If you have lost your house key, the solution will involve rekeying or changing the lock and the provision of a new key for operating it. If you have broken the key blade inside the keyway, you will receive a replacement key. The lock repair can involve replacing the cylinder, if it was damaged by the blade.

Office Lock Repair

The solution naturally depends on the underlying cause of the problem, which is identified through inspection and testing. If the key is difficult or impossible to turn, the cylinder will need to be replaced. If the door cannot be locked or unlocked even though the key is turning smoothly, the locking mechanism is most probably broken and needs changing. In case the strike receiver is detached, it should be properly aligned and secured into place. When needed, the lock will receive proper cleaning and lubrication to work smoothly.

Transponder Key Replacement

Emergency Lock ChangeA broken or lost car key is definitely an emergency. In both cases, you will need a brand new key with the same specs as the old one. It can be made only with a special key cutting machine. In order for the new transponder key to work, it needs proper programming. In case of key loss, the solution will involve rekeying or changing the ignition in addition to replacing the key.

When you need fast emergency services, we are always available to help. Our professional solutions range from opening locked doors and car trunks to fixing and replacing locks and keys of all types. To use our services, give us a call.

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