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Home locks keep your property and family safe and secured. Locksmith Addlestone specialises in all services concerning locks and keys at home. We can take care of all your domestic locksmith service needs. Fast and reliable service is what we provide, making us the go to company of homeowners that require help with their locks and keys.

Domestic Locksmith in Addlestone

Top Notch Domestic Locksmith Services

Lock and keys issues in your home should be left to the experts. This is because the safety of your loved ones, as well as your properties depends on it. Locksmith Addlestone is exceptionally trained and experienced in providing all types of domestic locksmith services. We implement new lock installation that’s perfect if you’re having a new home built. While some homeowners leave this to their builders, it’s best to let the specialists do the job. The leading quality locks are offered that ensure the security of your home, such as Chubb, Yale, and British Standard locks.

In case you wish to have a master key system set up for your home, we easily deliver the service. We are not just experts in traditional locks, but for keyless entry as well. More and more households are switching to this type of entry, so if ever you decide to switch, we are available to assist. We’ll make sure that your system is installed and functioning properly for your maximum security and convenience.  

Lock replacement is another service we provide. We’ll carefully remove the old locks so we can install new ones for you. This is recommended for homes with old locks or damaged locks, or if moving to a new home, condo unit or apartment. Furthermore, the installation and fix of windows locks is an additional service we render. If you wish to have a safe installed at your home, you can depend on our service.

We are proud of our quick and efficient 24/7 lockout service. We retain professional tools to open doors, windows, and bike locks. Other services we provide are key change, key duplication, and broken key fix. Whatever type of key you need, we can create or duplicate them for you. Our invaluable skills and experience make us the optimal choice for all your service needs.

If you need our help, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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