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Locksmith Addlestone is a known name in the industry due to the reliable service that we provide. You can count on us when it comes to any kind of commercial locksmith service that you may need. Locksmiths specialise in different areas and business locks, keys, and security systems are what our company specialises in. We get to our customers as quick as possible and resolve their issues immediately, as we know that it’s vital for their business operation.

Commercial Locksmith in Addlestone

The Specialists in Business Locks and Keys

We have helped several companies with our commercial lockout services. If you find yourself locked out in your office, call us and we’ll promptly arrive to quickly resolve the impediment you are in. We have the latest professional tools to unlock your doors so you can get in and out of the business premises. Our technicians unlock them even when you have regular locks or keyless entry system. We’ll complete the job without causing damage or security risks to your office.

Lock installation is another service that we provide. As mentioned, we are experienced working with regular locks, as well as high end security systems. We can set up locks with high security and master key systems. This is to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to your office. Businesses deal with important papers and confidential documents. Information in these forms must be kept secured. Locksmith Addlestone can also help you with this matter as we offer file cabinet and safe installation.

In case you have your locks damaged for whatever reason, it’s recommended that you have them fixed immediately. Damaged locks increases the risks of break-ins. Our company can repair door locks, regardless of what type and brand it may be. If it requires replacement, we can also do the job. You don’t have to search elsewhere to get the replacement locks and parts you need as we have partnered with the top manufacturers in the market to bring them to you. This way, replacement and repair can is more efficient and durable.

Aside from locks, we offer a wide range of key services. From key duplication to key replacement, we administer all of these for you. You’ll find these services helpful, if you lost or misplaced your keys, accidentally broke them, or you would like a spare copy.

Contact us via e-mail or phone if you need our help. We’ll be there as fast as we can.

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