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Locksmith Addlestone
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Auto Locksmith

Our company provides top quality services for all your automotive security needs.

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Commercial Locksmith

Our company specialises in providing services concerning locks and keys for businesses. We aim to do our job fast and efficiently.

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Domestic Locksmith

We are the only company that you should call if you need top notch domestic locksmith services. Lock installation and repair are some of the prominent services we provide.

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Locksmith Addlestone

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Our company is a full service locksmith with mobile emergency teams, which work 24/7 for higher security. We deal with issues fast, handle lock and key problems efficiently and provide the best domestic, auto and commercial locksmith services in Surrey.

Address: Station Rd
Addlestone, Surrey
Postcode: KT15 2AF

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We accept Cash, credit card, etc.
We are a renowned garage door company that offers superb services at very affordable prices and guarantees full satisfaction for clients

We offer as many solutions as there are problems. Locksmith Addlestone can even plan ahead. Thanks to our experience, we can see the demands of the future societies in Surrey and recommend the proper solutions for each one of you. Rest assured that we are knowledgeable of the latest electric locks and we'll always be familiar with new products in our industry.

Locksmith Services in Surrey

We are dedicated professionals that resolve all issues effectively

We can suggest a keyless entry system but we can also install it. The potential complexities of various access control systems do not intimidate us. With our knowledge and expertise, we manage to install all these new age systems properly. We have equally great knowledge of new generation car keys and the solutions to their problems.

Our teams are effective due to their knowledge and amazing capacities, as well as the prudency of our Locksmith contractor in Addlestone to have each company vehicle properly equipped. We promise immediate car key cutting and guarantee precision. We actually guarantee precision for each one of our services and also speed.

Our locksmith services in Surrey have an answer to all of your lock and key dilemmas, from the simplest to the most complicated ones. Let’s talk it over as we are the expert service in the postcode area KT15. Let us know your thoughts and we’ll let you know the effective solutions.

Do you always experience lost house keys because you can’t seem to keep track where you put them? A keyless entry is one viable option so you do not have to jangle a lot of keys in your purse or pocket and lose or misplace them in the process. Our company is definitely the name to trust when it comes to such type of installation. We have well trained and knowledgeable technicians on board who can mount new locking systems in your home as well as repair outdated and old ones. We promise to do our job with utmost speed without compromising the quality of our services.

24Hr Emergency Locksmith Available to Fix UPVC Door Locks

Clearly visible damage, difficulty with key turning and weird sounds during locking and unlocking are all signs that the lock has to be repaired. Let us fix your UPVC door lock to give you the best result in the shortest time. Our mobile locksmith company works with absolutely all types of locksets used with UPVC doors. The make, design and brand are completely irrelevant when it comes to getting a service of the highest quality. With us, you can get emergency assistance 24/7 in addition to scheduled repair. Whenever a problem arises, reach us straight away to get the fastest resolution. The first step of the repair process involves pinpointing the cause of the problem. Then the cause is counted with the most effective repair technique. Our technicians work skillfully and achieve perfect precision with the use of advanced modern equipment. All the spare parts and materials that we use in our work are of the finest quality. This is true for the replacement locksets as well. When there is a need for lock change, the best new device is fitted in the place of the old one. If the lock malfunctions because the door is damaged or misaligned, the underlying problem will be fixed in the same effective and swift manner. The technician will repair the affected components and align the UPVC door with great care. The unit will stay securely in place and move freely during opening and closing.

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